Located 45 km away from Nairobi, along the Mombasa Road and near Machakos, Athi River Base presents a rural, yet culturally diverse mission experience.

The YWAM Athi River story started in 1992 when the first African-based LTS (Leadership Training School) was held in Nairobi… and here we are today.

A handful of full-time staff man the base, whose Acacia-friendly surroundings are also home to birds, wildebeest, antelope and giraffe.

Presenting a basic lifestyle, Athi River Base is the ideal get-away to facilitate your mission experience.

We are part of the YWAM Global Family

Our Common Purpose?
“To Know God And To Make Him Known”

Our Common Purpose?
“To Know God And To Make Him Known”


Youth With A Mission (YWAM)  is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world.

What Guides Our Base's Activity?

The Ministries of Athi River Base

There are several ministries at our base.
We welcome you to explore what God would have you do with us in them, be it through prayer, partnership, finance, or volunteering.

Light to the Nations

Our Preschool teaches children in Baby, Pre Primary 1 and 2 based on biblical principles of education.

The school director and the administrator are YWAMers while the class teacher is a local educator trained in Early Childhood Education.

Visiting teams & volunteers also get in on the action when around.

Love Disabilities

This ministry reaches out to people with disabilities, physically and mentally.

Unfortunately, many people with disabilities in Kenya are still stigmatised and neglected. In 2015, God placed a burden on our hearts to reach out to these people and help them in any way possible.

Our aim is to bring hope and to brighten the future of people with disabilities through physical, spiritual & social empowerment.

Operation Andrew

John 1:40-41 inspires our evangelistic activity.

Being located only 3 miles away from a major truck stop where bars and prostitutes are many, proclaiming the gospel & demonstration of God’s love to our local community is a must.

Child Sponsorship

This ministry reaches out to children and youth by supporting them in their education.

Besides this, we visit them at home to follow up on their families and current situations. During our home visitations we often donate food.

Unreached Tribes

Some want to live within the sound of a church or chapel bell. The great commission in Matthew 28:19 is to “Go“.  We must be global Christians because our God is global.

In this ministry we bring the Good News to unreached people groups in Kenya, specifically the Pokot and Isiolo tribes.

Mercy Ministry

Our Mercy Ministry is inspired by 2 Corinthians 9:9-10.
No gift is too small here, and this is shown through the gratitude with which people receive them.

We welcome you to give bless somebody in the nearby communities around our Base.

Wanna join the fray?

Meet Our Staff

Did you know that there are probably ten times more Acacia trees than humans on our Base property?
Let us introduce you to those wonderful humans!

Rose Mugo

I have been with Athi River Base since 2007. I serve with the DTS, with the Base in General, and also am involved in sports. You can get in touch to speak more.

Brayan Otieno

My name is Brayan Otieno. I did my DTS in 2019. I’m working in the Base as a Social Media Manager, and any other duty delegated. I have passion in music, and I am a Worship Leader.

Kenedy Muoki

Hello! My name is Kenedy Muoki. I did my DTS in September 2021 – February 2022, here at Athi River Base. I later Joined SBS in Uganda from September 2022 – June 2023. After SBS, I joined YWAM Athi River as a DTS Staff, but I’m also involved in practical work here at the base. I love Evangelism.

The Keas

We are among the oldies here at Athi River Base. We have been here since its inception in 1994.
I, Ismail handle most immigration matters and attend to other legal matters, trying to have YWAM Kenya aligned with ever changing government requirements. I am also leading worship at the base and sometimes in the DTS.  When need arises I do simple plumbing.
I, Karin, have been doing almost everything over the last 24 years except splitting firewood. I handle DTS communication & also am an occasional part-time staff with them. I am part of the admin team though working in the background; being the milk production statistician for our Cow Project, and also being involved with the Base WiFi coverage service.
If you have questions or want to talk to us, or encourage us feel free

Mwabantu Jean

Hello my name is Mwabantu Jean, I am from DRCongo. I did my DTS here Athi river and now I staff a DTS. God put in me to start a YWAM base in my country.


My name is Lacry, I am from Romania. 10 years ago I came to Kenya for the first time and served in 2 tribes in Pocot, then I was impressed by the way the pastor shows God’s love for the unchurched people. Since then I have returned 2 more times, and now God has spoken to me that it is time to come for a longer term (as far as He knows). On my heart are the unchurched peoples with the gospel, the Muslim world, investing in people, discipleship, giving value to people, the health side, helping young people know their gifts, abilities and calling. I love to sit with people and tell stories so my home is open to you and I invite you for tea or cappuccino. Karibu!!

The Barazas

We came to Athi River Base in September 2004.
I became part of the Base leadership in 2008, and became Base Leader in 2011. I’m also a member of Operation Andrew, while having oversight over all the other Base ministries.
She became part of the staff in 2005, after her DTS on this same Base. She has led the Laboiyet and Child Sponsorship ministry since 2009. She also oversees the preschool (YWAM Tumaini Academy)
You can get in touch with us

Trezy Adhiambo

I am Trezy Adhiambo Okal from Siaya. I’m 22yrs old, and I’m serving in the Base/DTS Hospitality. I’m also in the worship team. 

Divine Matabaro

Hello am Divine Matabaro from Rwanda. I did my DTS in Kigali Rwanda in 2022. I come to Athi river ywam in 2023, so I work in hospitality and am involved in outreach ministry of the base and I love doing crochet by the way. I thank God because of this opportunity he gave  me.

The Chos

South Korea
Petro & Grace
We have been in Campus Ministry with YWAM Korea since 2002. Currently we are preparing to pioneer campus ministry with YWAM Athi River Base. We are now learning Swahili because we want to understand and learn more about Kenya. We expect Kenyan students to be trained as disciples of Jesus who change Kenya and the nations. Please pray for my family and pioneering campus ministry.