The preschool is named “Tumaini Academy” which means hope in Swahili.

At our base, we currently offer a preschool for the local children to come to. The preschool is named Tumaini Academy which means hope in Swahili.
(The vision is to expand it to include a primary school)

This name was given because we believed (and still believe) that there is hope in the future for these children. A lot of our students come from very poor backgrounds and are even neglected/abused.

This preschool looks to give a wholesome, very affordable early education to children in the nearby communities.
It provides this in a safe, homely, spacious, fun and loving environment.

We also encourage the teachers and volunteers to go on home visits with the students to learn more about where they come from and to establish a firm relationship which enhances the way the students learn.

Presently, our preschool offers two classes: Preprimary 1 and Preprimary 2.
Their ages range from three years old to seven years old.

We currently have one teacher teaching both these classes, so volunteers are very much welcome.

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