YWAM Athi River

We are called to evangelize, disciple and train people of all backgrounds, ethnic groups, ages and gender.

Did we mention that we are part of the YWAM global family of ministries?

This Summer... August Kids' Camp

Located 45 km away from Nairobi, along the Mombasa Road and near Machakos, Athi River Base presents a rural, yet culturally diverse mission experience.

Recent Visitors What do they say?

God has blessed us with so many sweet memories this month.
Thank you for welcoming us to your Base and into your family.
Miss and love you all.

Morgan Feldt

Thank you so much for everything!

Kailey Holcombe

I am so inspired after being here.
Thank you for your hospitality and for letting us be a part of the family!

Malin Byremo

I pray that Athi River will be a light in Kenya.
God bless this place!

Morgan Feldt

The first day I arrived was the fondest.
I was welcomed and made family immediately.
That night was filled with joking and laughing - there was great sense of belonging!

Kailey Holcombe

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7 days ago

YWAM Athi River

No special focus - just the tried and tested, life-changing Discipleship Training School!

3 Months of Lecture
2 Months of Outreach
1 Goal
"To Know God, and Make Him Known"

*Beginning 30th September 2019*
Only 4 months to go!

Would you take the challenge?

[ You can now apply online - ywamathiriver.org/dts/apply/ ]

#DTS #YWAM #YWAMAthiRiver #YWAMKenya
#Discipleship #Christ #Training
#Kenya #Experiences
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1 month ago

YWAM Athi River

Catching Up
DTS Week 3: The Nature & Character of God (Teacher - James Chege)

The April DTS is well underway.
This morning, we caught up with a handful of the students on how Week 3 is going.


"It's actually very challenging, according to me. This nature and character of God, we have to be very careful as we differentiate them since they are actually linked up so much... Umm... It's of course interesting to learn new things. It's good to be challenged, but I am loving it."

"I'm really enjoying the lectures this week. I find it interesting because there's a lot that I have learned.
I [also] find it tiring, I think because we have had evening sessions the last two days... "

"Actually, this week, I am not getting anything...
The whole thing is complicated, even if he used simple words... That topic of God's holiness is giving me a problem... "

"One thing that I really loved that I did not know, that I learned yesterday; that God can appear to man in form of God and can also send a messenger, like in the story of Jacob (as an angel) and in the story of Moses (as God Himself)..."

"The first day was alright, but since yesterday, I have just been floating...
More time should be taken to explain that part of God's holiness... "

"I wanted more time on the Trinity, which I know he will do tomorrow. Yesterday we only did like 10 minutes because we were a bit delayed yesterday. So we did have a lot of time on God's holiness and on Him being eternal. So, personally I would like to have more time on the Trinity, which I know He will handle tomorrow."


An interesting range of viewpoints from some of the 15 students in this lecture phase.

Please keep them in prayer as they continue this week with James Chege, and through all the weeks to follow, with one goal; knowing God and making Him known.

#ywamathiriver #ywam
#dts #ywamdts #discipleship
#missions #missionary #experience

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4 months ago

YWAM Athi River

We mentioned that they were here with us...
It turned out to be an unforgettable month spent together with the Performing Arts DTS team from YWAM Sydney Island Breeze!

Karibu tena guys!
It was a pleasure and honour hosting you!

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5 months ago

YWAM Athi River

🤔 “Why should I do a DTS?”
This school will INSPIRE and CULTIVATE GROWTH in your relationship with God; resulting in Christ-like character, which is based on a solid Biblical Foundation, the work of the Holy Spirit and the personal application of Biblical truth, especially concerning God’s Character, the Cross and empowering Grace.

...to the start of the April 2019 DTS!


[ You can now apply online 👌📱💻
ywamathiriver.org/dts/apply/ ]

#Discipleship #Christ
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