Today is no #ThrowbackThursday, but still is a fitting day to look back at old pictures and see what Athi River Base was like years ago, and then realise what strides, in its infrastructure, God has enabled it take up to this present day.
This was staff accommodation 15 years ago

Here’s a witness account from Karin

We lived in one as a couple.
To be honest, they were very small, but with a little homey touch, those few square meters became so cozy!

Wood is so nice!

The biggest challenge was the cold at night and the heat during the day… And these little wood-eating devils called termites!
Another challenge was that you could hear your neighbour very well if the houses were close to each other.

They served as student dormitories too.
The only complaints were, “We need more blankets!  It is sooooo cold!”
At times when we had three schools at the same time, we hosted 8 students!

I have very good, and I mean it, very good memories of those tabernacle times.
We affectionately called our little houses “tabernacles”.