After a couple of months in Kenya, the Chos were finally able to pay a visit to Athi River Base!
They are a South Korean family with 3 children.

Petro & Grace have come to pioneer a university ministry in Nairobi, while being part of YWAM Athi River.  Having quite a long history with YWAM and the university ministry, we believe this family is going to be an integral part of our collective mission, and are looking forward to when they set the ball rolling.

Sadly, during this visit, Baraza (the Base Leader) had to be out to attend to an unforeseen immigration incident, but Karin was glad to step in and catch up with the family on the progress of their immigration and settling.

The kids are enrolled in school, while the work permits are still being processed.  In the meantime, Petro is enrolled in a Swahili school – a very commendable step as regards understanding the culture & language of one’s mission location.

Karibu Kenya!
We’re looking forward to sharing every step of this mission that you have now undertaken.
May God guide and keep you through it all!