img_2635At our base, we currently offer a preschool for the local children to come to. The preschool is named Tumaini Academy which means hope in Swahili. We decided to name the preschool this because we believed that there is hope in the future for these children. A lot of our students come from very poor backgrounds and are even neglected/abused. We encourage the teachers and volunteers to go on home visits with the students to learn more about where they come from and to establish a firm relationship which enhances the way the students learn.

Our preschool offers three classes: Babies, Nursery, and Pre-unit. The school has almost thirty students, ages ranging from three years old to seven years old.

We currently have one teacher teaching all three classes, so volunteers are highly welcomed.


img_2942Day in a Life of a Preschooler

Starting at 8:00 a.m., we begin our day with worship and prayer, then the students head to their classes where they will learn English, math, science, reading, creative, Christian values, or life skills. Many of our students already know their alphabet, how to count and are learning how to read.

After class, we have porridge and then the students have free time to play. We encourage our teachers to go outside and interact with our students so it may create a long-lasting bond. Then the students go back to class for another hour and a half. Students are given lunch and afterwards the students end their school day with a nap.


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