One of Athi River’s ongoing projects involves taking the green path – transitioning from firewood to biogas.

This undertaking had already been started, but stalled after a few glitches.
Recently though, on the back of the BioGas Boot Camp at Torch Base in Jinja, Eustache (one of our staff) has taken up the revival of this endeavour.
Tiffany, a classmate of his during the training, also came around to help clean out our stalled system and get us on the recovery path.

With the help of the other staff and community members (like Kioko the muscle man), they were able to set the ball rolling, and it would be appropriate to say the revival of this system is very much underway!

We’re grateful for these steps, effort and initiative – totally looking forward to clean energy!
Till then though, we’ll flex muscle splitting firewood!

Bio-gas is a renewable energy drawn from manure that, through digestion, creates clean methane gas for cooking and electricity generation.

This reduces on deforestation in addition to providing as more healthy and waste-free cooking solution.

Have some advice for us as we go on with this project?
Or perhaps, would you love to come be a part of it all?
We’d love to hear from you!
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