Laboiyet means light in Kalenjin, one of the tribal languages of Kenya.

This ministry reaches out to children and youth by supporting them in their education.
Besides this, we visit them at home to follow up on their families and current situations. During our home visitations we often donate food. The ministry of Laboiyet is funded by the Dutch organisation Stichting ORA.

Every August we have a one week Children’s Camp at our base whereby we invite the children sponsored by Laboiyet and others living in our surrounding community. This is always a great time of celebration, bonding and sharing the love of Christ.

Every December we invite the parents of Laboiyet’s children to the base. During this one day event, we celebrate Christmas with them by having a church-like service and handing over food packages.

Laboiyet has also been able to establish small scale businesses and income generating projects for families.

We also offer individual child sponsorship besides Laboiyet.
There are still many children at home, waiting to go to school because of lack of school fees.
Part of the children at our Preschool are in need of school fees as well.
For only 30$ a month a child can study in school.

Give a child education, give a child a future!

Feel free to contact us about the possibilities and the children who are in need.