YWAM Athi River

Ambassadors of Hope

This ministry is focused on reaching out to the vulnerable people in our society.

Rescue Center

We visit girls at a rescue center in a nearby town. These girls have been neglected by their family members, others have been abused or left on the streets. As we visit them, we encourage them by giving short messages of hope, performing skits and playing games with them. Also we donate food or goods for them, depending on their needs and the donations we receive.


Juvenile Center

We also visit boys who are staying at a juvenile center as they wait for their cases to appear in court. Although the boys have committed crimes, they have gone through a lot in life that is hard for us to imagine. It is important for us to share God’s love with them and to make them know that God has not abandoned them. God still has great plans for their future!



We love to visit hospitals and encourage sick people by praying for them and sharing the Word of God. During our visitations to hospitals we also donate pampers and clothes to new born babies.

We welcome anyone who can work alongside us in this ministry.

We fully rely on donations from YWAM staff or friends. Therefore we are more than thankful whenever someone decides to support this ministry so that we can reach out to more people and bless them with the goods that are needed.